4 Skills You Need To Master To Become A Successful Student Entrepreneur

4 Skills You Need To Master To Be A Successful Student Entrepreneur

Being a student entrepreneur is a dream of Gen-X. Students’ minds, these days, are budding with ideas. Not all of the ideas, though, face the light of the day. Some ideas just remain confined in the head while others face… Continue Reading


Meet Divyansh Saxena – A Student Entrepreneur Who Refuses To Give Up

Divyansh Saxena

I am Divyansh, Co-Founder of notemybook. I started notemybook when I was in second year of engineering and I quit it after running it for almost 2 years. The most satisfying and logical reason that I could tell myself was… Continue Reading


From A Student Who Failed College To A Successful Entrepreneur- Story of Pratik Luther


Learning from our failures is something we all aspire to do. It does take a lot of courage to stand up tall after every time we fall. Pratik Luther is one such man, who did not give up after he… Continue Reading


Meet the 16-yr-old Indian-American student who has invented a low-cost hearing aid – Mukund Venkatakrishnan’s Story

Mukund Venkatakrishnan

A 16-year-old Indian-American student has created a low-cost hearing aid costing merely USD 60 to help those who cannot afford expensive hearing devices. When Mukund Venkatakrishnan of Kentuckys Louisville city visited India, he was tasked with helping his grandfather get… Continue Reading


One Stop Online Bookstore For Engineering Students – Bookmarked.co.in

Bookmarked Logo

Ever wonder what would you do with your books once the semester is over? Don’t you wish that a store existed which would let you return the books and give you a cashback? Well, Bookmarked is here to answer your prayers. Started… Continue Reading