A MarketPlace for Coaching Institutes – Kochings.com story


Blended learning for competitive exams has evolved into a huge industry in India. However, the market is still very fragmented and there is very little holistic information available regarding institutes, faculty, courses and admissions. A team of young entrepreneurs is trying to… Continue Reading


Daphnis Labs – Not Just Another Mobile App Startup

Daphnis Labs Team

Entrepreneurship is a very diverse world. One can expect to come across people with wild aspirations and dreams, and it is not surprising to find a broad variety of personalities and characters. When it comes to people who drop out of… Continue Reading


Express Yourself Through Video Selfies, Try Frankly.me


What would life be without expressions? Not much, right? Nikunj Jain understands this well and has created a very interesting app with a lot of fun factor. Nikunj’s startup Frankly.me is a platform to facilitate fresh, interesting and honest conversations between… Continue Reading


It’s a Mobile, It’s a Wallet, It’s Cibola – The Mobile Wallet App

Cibola App

“Why should you have to take your credit card out of your pocket to make a payment — Why should you not be able to buy yourself a sandwich if you left your wallet at home?” That simple thought lead to… Continue Reading