Productivity Hacks For Young Startup CEOs

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Productivity Hacks For Startup CEOs

Becoming more productive is something all of us strive to achieve. A difficult task, it is nonetheless achievable if we implement our own hacks to the entire process. When you are running a startup,  it is easy to feel busy and thus productive. There’s really no clear external signal that will tell you that you’re being inefficient. If you are busy, you won’t feel that way.

But at the end of a work day, if you evaluate your work and feel that you achieved very little; these hacks are for you. The more senior you become in an organization, the more important it is to organize yourself and evaluate your own time.

  • Have a “Distraction” list
    If you always have a lot of things and ideas popping up into my mind and distracting you from your current task, simply keep a list where you write down all of those. This will free your mind and will allow you to keep focusing on the current task. A great app for this is Trello.
  • Save things to a “Read Later” list
    You might at times stumble upon  interesting articles and posts that attract your attention during work hours. You might want to read those as soon as possible. But to save time, you could save them reading later. You could use Pocket for this. You can use waiting times between one meeting and another or while commuting, to read the posts or articles you have saved before.
  • Cut the noise: Put your phone in silent mode and offline on chat, mute all notifications, get a noise blocking headphone and prepare to focus of 2 hours. It’s amazing the amount of work you’ll achieve. Rest and relax for 20-30min, talk to people, and get back to another work cycle
  • Digitization of documents: Digitize all your documents and make a nice clear folder structure in Google Drive. You will save A LOT of time finding later on receipts, contracts, invoices, shared documents.
  • Allocate time: Networking tasks must have their own allocated time like Twitter, LinkedIn, Meetups, cold calls etc. Try to stick on to these times and you will have longer uninterrupted times for real work.
  • Multitasking is a myth: You actually just switch from focusing on one thing then the next, but you won’t really focus on more than one at a time. Make schedules to handle important tasks (email, meetings etc) and stick to the timelines and the task at hand.
  • Inbox Pause: If you use Gmail try Inbox Pause. It does what it says – you can continue to work out of the inbox without any new ones coming in. Once you release the button again all the mail catches up. BUT it will continue to update any conversion threads that have already started.

And finally Relax, if first few months are not going as per your Original plan. Things will DEFINITELY Sort out. Have faith in your abilities and don’t budge for anything less than a Perfect Delivery for your Clients. And as they say, Eventually everything is gonna be alright :)



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