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Ever wonder what would you do with your books once the semester is over? Don’t you wish that a store existed which would let you return the books and give you a cashback? Well, Bookmarked is here to answer your prayers.

Started by 4 student entrepreneurs, Bookmarked is a first of its kind online book store that sells Techmax and Technical publications with the provision of returning all course books after a year at 60% Cashback!

Bookmarked Team

Bookmarked Team

It all started when Jigar Parmar and got together to start working on their business idea. Jigar says, “Pratik and I were working and involved in a completely different model, where we learnt and failed many times. Soon after Aakar Kale and Chaitanya Sardal joined us and we started discussing many business ideas, as we all had a similar passion towards starting up.”

Jigar says that getting into the ecommerce industry was a no brainer as Indian eCommerce industry is growing fast. It is expected to grow by 47%, to more than Rs. 470 Billion this year, according to the Internet and Mobile Association of India. He further adds, “We all see tremendous potential in the ecommerce industry for decades to come.”

We asked Jigar about what inspired them to startup at such an early age and he says, “We all always believed in the apophthegm “StartYoung, Retire Young”. He further adds, “College is the best place to find the right team. Your co-founders may be just in the class next to you. Starting something on your own early will surely give you a lot of valuable mistakes to learn from.”

Team Bookmarked

Team Bookmarked

Currently, Bookmarked caters to Mumbai University students and plan to expand in other locations soon. Jigar says, “We have worked hard to tie up with the distributors around Mumbai. Currently we are looking to partner with more distributors and getting connected with more Authors “

Bookmarked also supports Green earth initiative. The team tells us, ” We also have a Green Initiative, where we plan to provide seeds along with every delivery/order of books, to spread awareness about Green Earth Initiative.”

Managing studies and a startup at the same time is not an easy task. We asked the team about how do they manage their time and they said, “With the increasing burden of classes, daily assignments and projects, managing time well is not just an option but an absolute necessity. We always make an activity log and prioritize our individual work and are meticulous in maintaining a record of all our activities. We strictly adhere to our timetable and try to not procrastinate our work as putting off things is detrimental to our progress in long run.”

We are amazed at the team’s determination to pursue their business idea. They are currently bootstrapped and plan to raise funds in the coming months.

We wish all the luck to Bookmarked team.



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