Meet The Mother Son Duo Whose Gujiyas Added More Sweetness To Holi – Saubhagya Singh & Purti Singh

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Saubhagya SinghSaubhagya Singh was having dinner with his family at their home in Gurgaon when suddenly an idea popped up in his mind about selling Gujiyas made by his mother. Everyone on the dinner table agreed. He instantly started with marketing.

I then posted it on a few Facebook groups and within the next 3 days we were successful in distributing about 35 kgs just from home.” 

Almost all my clients are happy they are giving positive and great reviews on social media.” says Saubhagya, who did all of this while appearing for his Class XII board examinations. Since it was an instant idea and just a few days before Holi, Saubhagya and his mother Purti Singh did not have much time to do proper planning. He says “It is a very hard work, but will be doing proper planning and then will start my own online Facebook page, after my boards are over.”

At just 18 years of age, Saubhagya is also a photographer

Saubhagya SinghFor Saubhagya, who is just 18 years of age, this is not his first entrepreneurial stint. He is a Photographer and has worked for Big Boy Toyz and Anytime Fitness. He tells us that he has been interested in photography ever since he was 12 years of age. “I still remember I was in 6th class and i was out for dinner with my family at sector 29, Gurgaon and after dinner just to peak the latest technology in town, I  hopped in at the Reliance Mart. As all kids do, I was after my dad to purchase me a camera for my Birthday. And he agreed to gift me the camera. And from then my camera was my day and night with YouTube as a great teacher”

Although photography is his passion, Saubhagya plans to finish off his studies first. He wants to go to college like any other teenager and then decide whether he wants to take photography as a full time profession. He adds ” I will be learning more from the internet and continue my photography part time to get experience”

Saubhagya's work for Big Boy Toyz

Saubhagya’s work for Big Boy Toyz

When asked about how does he manage to keep a balance between his studies and his photography assignments, Saubhagya says “Managing both is a very difficult task. I am an average student. But I love to work. I can work for hours continuously. My parents have often been told by my teachers to keep the camera away from me, but my Dad has always supported my passion”

As much as Saubhagya is famous now, he never was a popular guy in school he admits

“I was not popular in school. But one fine day I got an opportunity to shoot for Big Boy Toyz. That was the best I could ever get. The first day I went there, everybody in my school was impressed.” 

You sure have to be an extraordinary 18 year old to be managing your own venture along with helping your Mom set up on her own. And all of this while appearing for board examinations.



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