Go Big Or Play Safe – A Young Entrepreneur’s Dilemma

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Venturing into the start-up arena is just the first step taken. The next thought that comes into the budding entrepreneurs’ mind is whether to be secure and safe-sided or to be completely fearless and confident about it.As it is said, beginning is half the battle won. What’s left to be conquered is the other half of it. Take a minute to think why people play it safe. Here’s the answer: they are afraid that it might not work. The fear further stems from not being confident about the venture undertaken. Oh, it would be better to rephrase it like this, it’s more about having confidence in your own self, a firm belief that no matter what, you are going to make it happen, you are going to convert your ideas into concrete reality. It’s about the conviction in you, the unfaltering faith you have and the zeal to make it true.

“If you don’t try, you will never know” is a quote most of you must have read. This time, think a little deeper and act on it so that you are not left with the ‘what-if’ scenario. If your dreams are not worth taking risks, then what the hell are you dreaming about! Dreams are those that push you harder, those that get you out of your comfort zones, make you strive harder day by day, moment by moment.

The more unattainable the dream seems like, the more fun it is chasing it and finally savouring the fruit of your hard work and basking in the success. Anyone can dream convenient, right? Then what makes you different? It’s the audacity to dream really big and then make that come true. Remember, the journey is always beautiful than the destination and that tough roads lead to beautiful destinations. Be on that tough path because one day, you will be witnessing the beautiful dream that has now turned into a reality.

Once you have set on the path, never ever look back. Just keep going forward. Push your body limits, challenge your mind, be crazy in the pursuit of your dream, be that mad lover who would keep on relentlessly wooing the girl of his dreams until the day she too falls in love with him. Just be clear and sure about the dream that you intend to chase. Give your 100%. Don’t get disappointed by minor setbacks. Make “Keep trying until you succeed” your motto. Don’t let people demotivate you and pull you down.

Always keep your spirit high. Lastly, never forget that the crazy ones are always to do it!



Bani Singh

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