From A Student Who Failed College To A Successful Entrepreneur- Story of Pratik Luther

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Learning from our failures is something we all aspire to do. It does take a lot of courage to stand up tall after every time we fall. Pratik Luther is one such man, who did not give up after he failed in a semester during his MBA. He rather leveraged the free time to startup his first venture.
Pratik was studying at Humber College, Toronto when he got to know that he’ll have to repeat a semester. He had 3 months until the next semester started. So, Pratik used all his free time to create an eCommerce website and started designing and selling t shirts online. Thus, Swag Shirts 99 was born.
“I did everything by myself, I learned to make eCommerce website from YouTube, I learned to do SEO from internet, I learned about t-shirt manufacturing and printing technology from internet.”
Pratik says, “I started working as a concierge in an under construction building as I needed extra money for paying my semester fees. Whatever free time I had, I used it to build my website.”
“So in 3 months the website was ready and I joined college again but i didn’t quit the job because I had to save money for my startup. It was in October 2013. Then I started marketing Sawg Shirts 99 and started getting a good response. I came to India in March 2014 and have been focusing solely on my startup since then.”
In just a couple of years of starting up, Swag Shirts has touched an annual revenue of over Rupees 1.3 Cr. But it did not come easy. Pratik faced a lot of challenges. He tells us, “In e-commerce sector the biggest challenge is logistics. Logistics is one factor which is totally out of control which makes it biggest challenge in the business.”

Pratik runs his business on JIT (Just in Time) principle, which helps him take charge of logistics. “We start manufacturing product after receiving orders,  it enables us to operate without any risk of dead-stock. We believe in constant up-gradation of quality and service with time.
“I faced lots of up and downs, had lots of loss in the beginning because of inexperience in many fields, but I chose to learn from it, I took business losses as paid business lessons and tried not to repeat the mistakes.”
With the highest number designs available in India, Swag Shirts can print those designs on many formats (men’s tee, women tee, tank tops, hoodie kids tee etc) on 12 different colours and on 8 different sizes, thanks to their JIT manufacturing model. They are also a production partner to organizations in Saudi Arabia and Australia currently.



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