At Just 19 Trishneet Arora Is A Well Known Ethical Hacker And Founder Of TAC Security

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Entrepreneurship is all about following your passion. But what could be better than helping a social cause along with following your passion. Trishneet Arora is one such young entrepreneur who fights cyber-crime through his start-up TAC Security.

Trishneet is an internationally recognized ethical hacker, an author, a trainer, a cyber-crime consultant, an entrepreneur and he is just 19. He dropped out of school to follow his passion towards ethical hacking. He started it young. He might come across as just another teenager, but he is all set to become one of the biggest names in ethical hacking.

Trishneet is one of the most famous ethical hackers and has given various workshops and seminars on Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security to Students, IT Professionals and even Police Officers. He has been invited as a keynote speaker at many events and conferences. He has shared the stage with India’s former Finance Minister Mr. Yashwant Sinha in one of the events. He also received State Award this year from Punjab Chief Minister.

Today he works with Punjab Police, Gujarat Police and even CBI. He has helped them solve cyber-crime cases and has also trained them on cyber security. His start-up TAC Security is already very famous in cyber security and ethical hacking space. He also works for ICICI Bank and Reliance Industries through his start-up.

We asked him about how it all started and Trishneet says, “My interest in computers started at a very early age. I started exploring computers on my own and learned a lot about hardware and networking. My relatives and neighbors often sought my help when their computers gave them trouble” All this while he was still a young school boy.

Trishneet’s major breakthrough came in when he was spotted by some senior officials of Ludhiana Police and was invited by them to train their crime branch. Trishneet tells us “I started with taking hacking workshops for school and college students. I was a keynote speaker at an event and some senior officials from Ludhiana Police were also there. They heard my speech and asked me to hold a workshop for their crime branch. Since then, I have also held workshops and training sessions for Gujarat Police on cyber-crime. Now I also have ICICI Bank, Reliance Industries and even CBI added to my customers list”

Trishneet has also authored a book on Ethical Hacking “The Hacking Era” and is one of the youngest authors of hacking books. He is listed amongst the top 10 ethical hackers on Microsoft Social Forum. He says “This is actually the second book that I have penned. Publishing of my first book was cancelled due to some issues. I started writing again immediately after that and The Hacking Era was published in February 2013″

Trishneet says that all this success did not some easy “Yes, there were challenges. People would often think if such a young boy would be able to do all of what he says. I was often questioned about my talents, considering my age. But once I established a good name and a nice portfolio things changed” he adds.



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