4 Skills You Need To Master To Become A Successful Student Entrepreneur

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4 Skills You Need To Master To Be A Successful Student Entrepreneur

Being a student entrepreneur is a dream of Gen-X. Students’ minds, these days, are budding with ideas. Not all of the ideas, though, face the light of the day. Some ideas just remain confined in the head while others face a poor execution. Only a few manage to rock the world. So, where does the problem lie? Is it in the idea; is it the execution or something entirely different?

To get an insight into this, let’s see the most important skills needed for being a successful student entrepreneur.

CONSISTENCY: It is an important aspect applicable to many areas, let alone for a student entrepreneur. When you are regular with your work for the start-up, you don’t lose focus and drift away. “Consistency is the key”: the key to success and excellence. Being consistent helps you in addressing problems, developing methods to solve those problems and learning new things daily. So, however busy you might be in your college stuff, make sure to devote a part of your day to your dream, daily.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS: The outside world demands good presentation, whether it is about pitching your idea to gain funds, motivating and getting work done from the team, launching the product or service in the market and getting the much needed publicity. You should be expressive and clear while communicating. You should have the power to convince the world that your start-up is what they have been waiting for, since long. Having good bargaining skills is also a huge bonus! It reduces the cost of the entire set up and ends up being light on the pocket. Communication skills also involve making people aware about the start-up, be it through social media or word of mouth.

OUT OF THE BOX THINKING: The seed of any start-up is undoubtedly, an idea. Make sure that the seed is an excellent one so that the tree grows out to be of superb quality. If the seed itself is not up-to-the mark, how much so ever you water it and take care of, it hardly makes a difference. The foundation has to be rock solid. You got to have faith in your idea. You ought to be able to derive motivation from the concept of your own idea that upon its realization, it is going to make an impact on the whole world, in whatever way it may.

PATIENCE: Starting something on your own and seeing it through requires a great deal of patience. Minor setbacks do happen. No need to panic and lose hope. Be calm and composed throughout the journey and have the strength to not be bogged down by one failed effort. Start anew with a different approach. Good things take time, but eventually are worth all the effort.

Here are the words of advice from Ashutosh Upadhyay, a student of Panjab University, who is the founder of LenMe and MySahayta:

• A keen desire for innovation and action because you might think of an idea but someone else might work on it.
• A bit of short time, high quality study because entrepreneurship asks for time.
• A dedicated team can do a lot more than a big fund.
• The desire to hire ,not to be hired
• Be tough because entrepreneurship requires guts.



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