15 Signs That You Are Destined To Be An Entrepreneur

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Phone Desk Laptop Notebook Vintage Old TelephoneIf you are reading this article, you’ve already checked off the first sign on this list. Which means you have at some point thought about quitting your lousy job and be your own boss. You have dreamed of the freedom that entrepreneurship brings. But do you really have the courage to do so? The freedom that entrepreneurship brings is mostly accompanied by uncertainty and risk. The ones who take the plunge are real risk takers. However, not everyone has the same risk taking capacity. There is definitely something different about entrepreneurs.

However, one thing is certain that they do have something, that most of us don’t. If you too have been planning to take the entrepreneurial journey, look for these signs in you.

  1. You have a great idea and think you will kill it if you tried. Then just go ahead and start with materializing your idea. Talk about it with your friends, your family. Take feedback and start planning about your next steps.
  2. You are extremely passionate and are ready to take the challenges that entrepreneurship brings. Be it the risk, the uncertainty or the commitment.
  3. Your first thought is to make something better when you hear people talking about their ideas. Or if you see something new and tell your friends that you would have made it better.
  4. You have a restless spirit that is never happy with “good enough”. You are constantly thinking of ways to improve your own products or ideas
  5. You don’t fit in with the normal way of living life. If you long to live your life in an unconventional way, this is a good sign you’re destined to be an entrepreneur.
  6. You are always curious and often wonder the “whys” and “hows” of most of the things in life. You often get to the bottom line of many issues and develop new solutions.
  7. You are not scared of taking risks and understand that it is a part of being successful. If anything, you find taking risks very exciting.
  8. You are extremely  time savvy and often come up with ways to work smarter and be more efficient.
  9. You are a thinker and have solutions to almost all situations. Your team and friends often turn up to you for solutions to some of the strangest work problems.
  10. You see the big picture and do not easily get bogged down by small things or short term worries.
  11. “Never Say Die” is your catchphrase you are not afraid to face the challenges & roadblocks you are definitely going to be a successful entrepreneur.
  12. You are laser focused once you set your eyes on something and are not ready to take no for an answer.
  13. You are more about doing than talking and believe that your work will speak for itself.
  14. You don’t call it quits and have the persistence, drive and patience to explore until all avenues are exhausted. 
  15. You can adapt like a chameleon to the changes like customer behavior, client expectations and political changes.

If you think that you possess a handful of these, buckle up my friend. You have a startup to launch.



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